Melonnie Gerbler- Healer, Clairvoyant, Intuitive

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Basic Pranic Healing Course, Completed August 2009.
Educated with the Bioplasmic Energy centers within the body as well as the ability
to manipulate the Energetic Body through the application of cleansing and
energizing the Chakras to obtain complete balance. Knowledge of the aura and how
to heal and read imbalances.
Psychotherapy, Completed February 2011.
Certified to heal all Phobias, Fears, Anxieties, addictions and OCD/ADD tendencies.
Knowledge through clairvoyant training with Elementals thought forms, entities and
Crystal Healing. Completed June 2011.
Thorough knowledge of Crystals and Gemology when applied to alleviate psychic
attacks and to further heal and remove imbalances within the energetic body.
Educated with the application of healing using Crystal Quartz for all modalities of
the healing principles of Pranic Energy.
Energetic Facelift and Body Sculpting. Completed September 2011.
Mastered the techniques for healing for an Energetic Facelift using Crystal Quartz
for Crystal Facials, combining my Cosmetology License with Energy work, capable of
healing old scars, wrinkles, fine lines and premature aging due to stress/trauma.
Healing though Body Sculpting while addressing the emotional issues to body
dysmorphia and emotional eating. Ability to work alongside a patient’s dietary
needs and body goals to obtain a slimmer, stronger and healthier figure through the
applied sciences of Energy Healing.
Arhatic Yoga. Completed October 2011.
Arhatic Yoga is an intense utilization of high-energy meditations combined with
complex exercises to generate a large and healthy aura for advanced healing
techniques with the ability to achieve Medical intuition with correct prognoses.
Psychic Self-Defense. Completed June 2012.
Training in the defenses of psychic intrusions or negative energies that may be
directed with intent to cause a disruption. Capable of creating energy fields for
safety and defense.
Relationship Healing. Completed October 2012.
Capable of healing emotional trauma from relationships and demonstrates ability to
repair damage caused by stress, anger and financial distress. Displays progressive
healing modalities to further enhance the healing of relationships.
Higher Clairvoyance. Completed October 2013.
Produces the ability to see through intuition and direct knowledge from tapping into
the source or the origin of knowledge. Further development of clairvoyance with the
release of less refined energies within the Third Eye.
Kriyashakti. Completed October 2013.
Able to demonstrate thorough techniques for manifestations of prosperity for self
and others; educated to remove obstacles and obstructions from goals and life plans.
Applied with the use of Crystal Quartz and personalized mantras.
Advanced Pranic Healing. Completed September 2015.
Skilled in the usage of advanced healing techniques. Capable of demonstrating faster
results in shorter times with the usage of Colored Prana. Ability to work alongside
medical prognoses for specified medical treatment.
Associate Pranic Healer’s Certification. Completed December 2017.
Completed a high-intensity 6-month course with both practicum and didactic
deadlines. 25+ completed client cases of healing applications for anything from a
migraine to arthritis, to long-term addictions and everything in between. Healings
were applied through uses of Crystal Healing, Psychotherapy and Advanced Healing
Techniques obtained through 10 years of energy work.
Spiritual Medium-ship. Presently Completing.
Trained with a Master Medium to allow the interaction between dimensions with
communication based on intuition and clairvoyance. Applied through the ability to
interact with beings whom may have passed on or be missing.

Melonnie is available by appointment Wednesdays from 12-6pm.
If you would like to book an appointment or have any questions call us

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